2009 Pontiac G5 camshaft position sensor

i re plased camshaf poseing seor both of them and sill had problem also replaced camshafed poishing actuwaiter the in tack one and the exast one

@joseph05 I’m having a really hard time following what you said…could you clarify what problem you’re having and what you’ve done to try and fix it? Also could you provide how many miles are on your G5, what was going on before you had the problem you’re having now?

So . . .

You replaced both camshaft position sensors, correct?

And afterwards, you still had the original problem, whatever that is . . . I’m guessing you had very specific fault codes, correct?

Then you replace both the intake- and exhaust camshaft actuators, and you presumably still have the problem, correct/

Please tell us if I interpreted this correctly . . . and then tell us what the original problem was/is