2009 Pontiac G5 - Transmission issue

My automatic transmission is not engaging nicely when shifting from reverse to drive, and the gears are not shifting properly. The RPMs are fluctuating about 500 up and down as it shifts. I’ve had the intake and exhaust VTC solenoids replaced, as well as an oil change and a transmission flush and fill. All of this has amounted to not getting the problem fixed. The check engine code (P0700) has come back the same as it was a month before. Although the car is a 2009 it has less than 84000kms (52500 miles). I have read on this site from previous owners that the issue could be with the torque converter, and one owner who talked to GM about the same issue but GM couldn’t figure out how to fix it and suggested they by another vehicle, It has also been suggested that Lukas oil additive would help. I’ve been on their site and they have a lot of different products and I presume it/they would be added to an oil change and/or a transmission flush and fill.

I think you are talking about the GM torque converter shudder. I do not think it is the same symptoms you are having and it did not involve your vehicle.

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