2009 Mercury Mariner check engine light

When running at 40mph the amber engine light in the panel went on and the gas pedal stop working at all. Engine dies. Vehicle turned off for few minutes. Start the engine and after several minutes like 10, again the engine light came on and the SUV did not respond when gas pedal is pressed.

You mean the CEL came on. Don’t drive this car anywhere,have it towed to the nearest independant mechanic for diagnostic.

If the check-engine light is flashing, this advice is correct. If the check-engine light is solid, it can be driven to the shop (although carefully in this case because the car might stall again along the way).

Have you checked the dip stick to be sure that oil is in this SUV.

Did the engine overheat recently?


If all the dash lights are coming on, the same as when you first turn the key from off to on but haven’t started the engine, then it may be that the engine is stalling out for some reason, and the dash lights in that case are normal for non-running engine with the key in “on”. The question of course is why is it stalling out? Bad gas in one thing that could cause this. Faulty fuel pump, another. Faulty crank position sensor yet another. A shop would try to determine if the problem is no spark or no gas when it stalls. They’d first check for any diagnostic codes in the engine computer memory.