2008 Mariner Shaking+Engine Light


Fiancee drove the Mariner today on the Highway from her place of work to a bank for business purposes, and it ran just fine. Began her return trip on the Highway and the car again did just fine, then got off the Highway and the car began to “rattle” without making noises, and the Check Engine Light began to blink.

As the car began to shake even more she cautiously slowed down to below 60 mph, which caused the shaking to stop and the Check Engine Light to stop. The issues resumed when she accelerated over 60 mph. As she tested the car over 60 mph for a third time the Engine shut off and the interior of the car lost power, despite the ignition still being switched on.

She pulled over and parked, then tried to start the car. The Engine fired up no problem, although the car shakes at idle. Check Engine Light did not appear at idle. The car was then driven the rest of the way to her work.

We have not yet had the chance to get the codes checked, so any suggestions or advice are greatly welcome.

Thank You

There’s no way to tell.

That’s why the codes must be checked first.


That means you should stop driving the car because worse things than a CEL are going to happen if you keep driving.

In the absence of the error codes set, that’s the most I can tell you.

Mustangman beat me to it!
If the OP wants to keep his repair costs to a minimum, he has to convince his fiancee to pull over, shut off the engine as quickly as possible, and have the vehicle towed when the CEL starts blinking.

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