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2009 Manual Toyota matrix low rpm acceleration problem

My toyota matrix is having a “problem” with low end acceleration under 3500rpms, If I am at a stop I have no problem taking off but if I want to step on the gas it will not pick up. But on the other hand if I am at 3500 plus rpms I have very nice acceleration and it is quite a zippy car in the higher range. Is there any way to “fix” or increase the low end acceleration?

What happens when you step on the gas? Lots of revs but no go? Or does the engine not respond? Is this a new problem? Or are you just wanting better acceleration?

Engines make more power at high rpms, so you won’t get the same amount of acceleration when the engine is at low rpms.

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Is this a new phenomenon?
Is the CEL on?


Manual transmission… from the title. Weak acceleration from a stop in first gear… IF the RPMs build up but the car just won’t go…then,

I’m going to say the car needs a new clutch.

You don’t say how many miles the car has but if it is over 100,000 and a decent number of those are city driving, I’d guess your clutch is slipping because it is worn out.

If something smells a little burnt after a few of these stop and go moves, it is definitely a clutch.

Have someone try cleaning the electronic throttle body.


OP claims no problem accelerating from stop.

My first guess is you’re up shifting to soon.

Until the OP answers that all we can make are WAGs.