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2009 Kia Rio - Sugar in tank

Somebody put sugar in my tank but my car still run but won’t take gas shoots it back out

Sugar in your tank would not cause that to happen. A clogged/saturated evap canister could cause that to happen, but that would come from routinely continuing to pump gas after the handle clicks off.

What makes you believe someone put sugar in the tank?

Sugar will just sit at the bottom of the gas tank like sand.

The sugar won’t cause difficulty filling the gas tank. But spiders can.

Have someone inspect the ORVR system for restrictions.

And by the way. You can’t overfill a gas tank on today’s vehicles.

There’s a component in the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system called an overfill check valve that prevents that.


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If enough sugar was dumped in, it could fill and block the fuel inlet pipe, especially if there is a bend in it.

Quite right. I don’t know why I keep forgetting about that.

I stop at the first click because I don’t want to spill fuel on the ground ( contaminate ground water ) or put fumes into the air . We have many Ozone Alert days in this area . I realize that may not really help much but I feel better . I also have cordless lawn equipment .