2005 Ford Mustang - Sugar in the gas tank

My girlfriend put sugar in my gas tank I only drove it a short distance why is missing a little before I noticed what should I do

Shouldn’t that be Ex- Girlfriend ? Have a shop drain the fuel tank and clean the lines .

Or you could do a Google search and find lots of articles about this subject.


Here’s what Tom and Ray say about sugar in a gas tank.

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I read the article. Info is still good except for the cost estimate to drop the tank! $100-$200 :laughing:. May have been correct 20 years ago when the article was written, but I’d expect to pay a little more now.


So . . .

Do you KNOW your girlfriend put sugar in the tank?

Or do you merely suspect it, because you’re having drivability problems?

Personally, I just don’t think the sugar in the gas tank scenario is all that common

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It’s not very common, but I’ve seen it a couple of times. I saw it on an early 90’s Ranger, and somehow the sugar made it through the fuel system and into the engine. Enough got onto one of the intake valves that it seized it in the head, bending the pushrod. Allstate agreed with my assessment and paid me to repair the head.

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I’ve seen a few sugar in the tank incidents (one involving a new Porsche 911…ouch) but I think most of the time sugar in the tank is an assumption rather than a reality.

The OP needs to clarify why they subscribe to the sugar in tank because of a girlfriend theory.