2009 kia rio cuts off while at a stop, no stall

Hey there everyone! I just recently purchased a 2009 Kia Rio with 146k miles! It has been driving fine, a few issues with the evap system have come up but nothing major until now. I was sitting at a local bbq place and my car just shut off, I do doordash so I was in a panic because car problems threaten my lively hood, tried to start it and it wouldn’t even crank but I realized I was in drive. I put it back in park and tried again, Io and behold it started right back up. I though maybe I had turned the key on accident, I wasn’t sure, because it didn’t stall or anything, it just cut off without a jolt at all. Well today I was at arbys and it did the same thing, started right back up again. What does this sound like to you all? I’ve read online that replacing the cam position and crank sensor fixes the problem but I’m unsure. Thanks again and have a great day :)!

I would say crank sensor.

When these sensors fail from engine heat, the engine shuts off as if you tuned the key off.


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The engine just stopping like that IS a stall.

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How much weight do you have on your key chain. The previous owner may have had too much weight on his. This tends to ruin ignition switches.

I bought a crank sensor and cam sensor today. It isn’t bad yet but I obviously don’t want my car shutting off on the highway.

None at all, just the fob.

Well, I thought stall meant like the engine shutting off kind of rough :joy:

Don’t mess around with a failing crank sensor.

Because one of these times, the engine is going to shut off and not restart.


Alright, I got the new sensor in a few minutes ago. The car is at about 750 idle. The engine feels a bit shakey right now. Im don’t feel safe to drive just yet because I’m also suspicious of the fuel pump. If I’m getting a fuel pump failure, would it make sense for it to just stall? Wouldn’t there have been lead up symptoms such as no start?