2009 Kia Borrego - Shifts rough

Truck shifts rough when accelerating. I can’t tell if it’s th transmission or maybe fuel delivery or something else. I don’t know much about auto repair, just enough to be dangerous and get a good knuckle scrapping.

You have withheld much information.
How many miles on your vehicle?
Have you been doing transmission service every 30-50,000 miles?
Have the plugs been changed on time?
Is the CEL on?

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V6 or v8? 5spd auto or 6 spd ZF?
Zf= zahnradfabrik(sp) or “gear factory”.

Thanks you, V6, 5 speed. plugs have been changed once at about 95k.
Currently has 112000 miles and have had the problem for the last 30k or so.
No CEL. The transmission is sealed with no dip stick. If this is not the case for the Borrego let me know.

can you explain this in more detail? is it running rough as you say just at the shifting points and fine after you shift? if so I would bring it to a tranny shop. there may be tranny codes that you do not get with your scanner.

Only 5 spd or 6 spd auto is available in 2009. No manual trans.

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Most Common KIA Transmission Problems (youcanic.com)

5 speed automatic transmission

There is a lot of information in the link weekend-warrior posted.
This might be a case for taking it to the dealership for diagnosis and repair if it is a transmission issue. If a computer update is required, unlikely an independent shop could perform that.

BTW- though no dipstick, transmission fluid still needs to be changed 30-50,000 miles. Manufacturers are stating excessive change intervals, my truck says 100,000 miles, but then it’s out of warranty when it fails, so I change the fluid at 30,000.