2009 Jeep Wrangler -Smells like gas

there is a gas smell after the car is turned off. also the engine light is on. put in a new gas cap. didn’t fix problem. son replaced a valve on it (cant remember the name but it pertains to the emissions system). no leaks on garage floor. its been like this for about a month or so. any helped appreciated.

Something kaput in the evap or fuel delivery system. Suggest a qualified mechanic diagnose it. Paying the $100-150 diagnostic fee (which some shops will waive if the do the repair) is often cheaper than guessing and throwing parts at it.

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A little bit of gas makes a lot of stink. But it is something you want to get fixed asap, don’t risk a fire. What code is the engine light showing, ask your son or go to a parts store to get it read, post the code here it will look like P1234 What valve was replaced? Probably the pcv, but what caused your son to replace it? Why did you replace the gas cap? If you are randomly throwing parts at the car trying to make the code go away you will spend a lot of money and time and not fix anything.

Until this is fixed, it doesn’t sound like a good idea for the car to be in your garage.

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