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2008 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible - Smells like gas

Dear car talk:I recently purchased a 2008 Volkswagen in great cond. 53,000original miles runs great,the problem is I have been getting gas smell in my garage after driving the car it smells like it is coming from front right wheelwell. Ihave checked floor for drops. Nothing . I took it to mechanic they had it 5 hours and could find no leaks anywhere. Don’t know what to do from here . Do you have any suggestions I love this car. Help!

What did they do during that 5 hours ? Did you pay for a diagnostic ? Did they do a smoke test or just look for leaks . You should not smell gas so you need a better shop or at least find out what they plan to do . Also you should have some codes and if you are in the US most Auto Zone stores will read them for free . Post the actual code back here for better help.