2009 Impreza GT problem

I recently purchased a 2009 Impreza GT ( sweet car ). the issue happend about 4 days after bringing it home. When i accelerate (moderate throttle ) at around 2200rpm i hear a clicking sound, and it stays until about 3200 rpm. it doesnt happen if i accelerate slowely, and you dont notice it if you really get on the throttle. I brought it to the dealership, they looked at it and saw no problems, and could not reproduce the sound, however it is there and others have heard it. it does not make the sound when reving the engine, only when driving, and only around 50% throttle or so. Any ideas?

Take the service advisor or tech for a test drive to demonstrate the sound.

Sadly Subaru had some serious issues in 08/09 with bad bearings in the turbo engine.


The good news is if it is noisy it will likely self destruct soon under warranty and be corrected with a new engine.

Alternatively it could be something minor without a better description of sound.

Get the symptom documented by the dealer. You could also ask to drive a similar car as a test drive. Listen for a similar noise. If the test drive does not have the noise then ask for a temporary replacement car while the dealer fixes the problem.
If they refuse this, offer to sell the car back to them for sticker plus tax and title. Then contact the zone representative with your complaint. At the same time contact your state consumer agency. Odd noises are either normal or something the dealer does not want to deal with.
You are stuck with figuring out is it normal or am i being scammed. If the dealer is not cooperative then don’t threaten just state where you are going in the next step of the process to fix and understand the problem.