2009 Hyundai Elantra Touring - Timing chain

Timing chain need replace on 2009 Hyundai Elantra dealer says. How can the dealer no when the timing chain need replaced? The car has 180,000 miles and chain never has been replaced. How long can a timing chain last?


That vehicle has a timing belt, it should be replaced every 90,000 miles.

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I think that the dealership would KNOW that the timing belt NEEDS TO BE REPLACED the same way that a conscientious car owner would KNOW it. Ergo, by simply looking at the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule that is sitting in the car’s glove box.


That’s how the dealer knows. You are pushing your luck.

Timing Belt has been replace and water pump replaced also.

Are you original owner?

It sounds like you may be confused about your vehicle. A car can have a timing belt OR a timing chain…it cannot have both. In this case, several people on here have verified that your car has a timing belt, and you’ve stated that this has already been replaced. When was it replaced (i.e., what mileage)?

With respect to your original question, about a timing chain, is it possible that they said timing belt? If the car has 180k miles, and it was replaced once around 90k miles, then it’s due again. If you’re certain that the belt was replaced at a later mileage, then you can safely go 90k miles from that point until the next replacement.

The US Elantra has a 2L engine and uses a timing belt. There is a foreign version with a 1.6L, and that uses a timing chain.

That’s beside the point. OP originally said the dealer told them the timing chain needed to be replaced. Later they say the timing belt was replaced. The first statement would suggest the 1.6L engine, the second would suggest the 2.0L.

Without further information, there’s no way to help the OP.

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The timing belt was replaced yesterday, the OP no longer needs help.


Yes, a car CAN have both

I had a Mazda with a timing belt from the crankshaft to one of the camshafts. Then there was a chain from one camshaft to the other

There was at least 1 GM V-6 which also had both timing chains AND belts

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The [lack of] nuance on this forum is starting to get tiresome :unamused:

It is abundantly clear from my post what I meant, and I know that you knew what I meant. Clearly the OP has neither of these vehicles, and was asking a very basic question about maintenance. Next time I will make my statement, then add an asterisk with a long list of exceptions to follow.

If you need a precise targeted replies you might consider doing so in the place where you use your wallet to get exactly the experience you want.

Unless you noticed, this is an open forum and posters are providing the information at good will and with no compensation.

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