2009 Hyundai Accent - Used car problems

PLEASE help me I need any and all advice!!! So let me explain what’s going on. I just bought a Hyundai Accent for $5000 end of February it had low miles 70,000 to be exact the sign on the car at the time of purchase said new tires new battery and new transmission put in. things looked great and I thought man I got a good deal well… not so much. 6 days after I got the car my first issue began the engine light came on sent it back to the dealer he fixed it said it was a spark plug issue okay so everything was good until it happened again a week later so the dealer said oh it was the coil pack that needed to be replaced so he did it but geez I thought why didn’t he catch that the first time duh but anyhow I thought my problems were over but nope not my luck 2 weeks later engine light back on and NO power in the reverse gear at all and the code reader is saying p0707 which is something regarding the transmission range sensor circuit and has low voltage or something along those lines but this is the 3rd issue in such a short amount of time I haven’t had the car long well I was fuming but obviously the dealer had to take this back and fix whatever because it’s the law well he took days to get back to me after towing my car to his shop and calls and tells me well I had to order a new transmission because the transmission is shot WHAT?! I couldn’t even talk I was so mad. It’s been radio silence sense though he’s had the car for a week now he hasn’t kept in contact I understand a job like that takes time but is it normal to not communicate what’s going on? And is he in trouble for falsely advertising that he put in a new transmission on this car if clearly it was shot? I don’t even know what to do at this point. Any advice would be gladly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

On an 11 year old car for $5000?
Not sure where you are, but here a $5000, 11 year old car from a dealer would be sold as is with no warranty

You’re going to have a hard time proving he knowingly put in a defective transmission, besides, he’s replacing it.

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Count your blessings that the dealer is taking care of it.


Where are you located that has such a law ? In my area a vehicle like this would be sold 'AS IS ’ with zero warranty .

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You have more of a legal problem than a car problem. You need to retain a lawyer.

Were you expecting daily updates :question: That just isn’t going to happen. Just be happy things seem to be getting taken care of.

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I’m curious…
What do you perceive to be a valid legal issue for the OP in regard to an 11 year old used car?

I have no clue, but a letter from an attorney could prompt the seller into offering some sort of compensation.

As the old saying tells us, The Devil is in the details, and the needed details are contained in whatever kind of warranty the OP was given with this car. Can the OP kindly summarize the warranty for us?

Are you in Massachusetts by any chance? They have some very consumer friendly laws regarding the sale of used cars from dealers (Lemonaid).

I do have this still this photo from when I purchased the car and his text message recently saying he just ordered a new transmission because the transmission in it currently is shot

Yeah I am in Massachusetts actually

There’s no buy as is or any inclination of any issues at all on the warranty just says 60 day warranty or 2500 miles whichever comes first

Well I’m not sure if it’s a legal issue at all I just found it odd that he sells the car with this photo and then tells me that it all of a sudden needs a new transmission because it’s shot

Massachusetts and it’s because the warranty states 60 days and it’s been way under that and have had 3 issues already

That is excellent news!
While it is highly unusual for a dealership to include a warranty on an 11 year old car (other than guaranteeing that it will pass State Inspection), in your case, you should be able to have the problem(s) rectified w/o charge by the dealer. Unfortunately, you can’t specify the timeline for the dealership to make those repairs.

No I definitely am not expecting to get a call every day with updates but I find it hard to deal with that he takes my car for the transmission issue and doesn’t tell me that it’s a transmission issue until 5 days after and mind you it was in a text message and then I haven’t heard from him now in a week. But like I said I get it’s a big job.

It’s just frustrating because I’ve missed work over this and I’m an essential healthcare worker so it’s causing a ripple effect of problems.

Call the lot and politely ask if they have a loan vehicle that you can use while they are getting yours back in running order .

No,I’m in New Jersey, which also has consumer friendly laws. I’ve also been married to a lawyer for 40+ years, and she has convinced me to stop threatening individuals with whom I have a business dispute with bodily harm.

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