2009 Honda Odyssey - Who tracks work done?

I have a maintenance folder for each vehicle where I keep receipts. I also have a book or notebook in each vehicle that I record most maintenance or replacements. Right now I’m using the maintenance books that came with our vehicles. However, those don’t have room for extra things or notes and I’ve not figured good ways to include that info.

I also use markers and paint pens on certain items. Like on my batteries I write the date the battery was replaced. Before the maintenance notebooks, I’d write the mileage and date on my oil filter.

You really need to be responsible for keeping track of the maintenance on your vehicles unless you have a long-term relationship with a shop and part of the service provided is keeping track of it for you.

I would say, my chances of loosing file are higher than chances of Google going belly up :slight_smile:
We use Google Apps for Business for our entire company, for years, I can not imagine them discontinuing this cash cow.

you are right… I guess I’m a bit paranoid on that topic.

It’s definitely not, it’s a timing belt:


99% sure all of the Odyssey’s use timing belts instead of chains

If your files are loose, then clearly you need to tighten things in your file cabinet.
Otherwise, you might lose some files.

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I like your system!

hehe… good idea to tighten things up

usually I’m typing faster than thinking :wink:

I turned this post and the many great comments into a story in case anyone is interested. Here. BestRide and CarTalk are partner publications. We have overlapping, but different audiences. I thought this topic is one many used car buyers might benefit from. Cheers,


My carelessness might now save someone else with a timing belt car big bucks, thanks to your excellent column!

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