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2009 Honda Fit - Trans slips - where to start?

My car is having issues with transmission slippage when hot

So what’s hot? The air temp? the engine coolant temp? The transmission temp? And what kind of transmission, manual or automatic? How many miles on the car? How do you know it is slipping? What do you feel, hear or see?


The car engine and the transmission fluid after much driving is hot. I am an Uber driver.

I then hear a dull thud when the automatic trasmission shifts.

It has 130000 miles.


Honda’s aren’t known for having great automatic transmissions. I’d try changing the transmission fluid and filter (if it has one) and seeing if it goes away. Tell the transmission shop what you are experiencing, they may have suggestions. Hopefully it doesn’t need a re-build.

Stay away from the big chains. One in particular is known as All Automatics Must Come Out. You can figure out which one I am referring to.