2009 Honda CR-V synthetic vs regular motor oil

What’s the difference between synthetic and regular motor oil? Can I use synthetic oil in my 2009 Honda CRV?

A simple Google search will answer that question. The simple answer is regular oil is refined from crude oil that comes from the ground while synthetic oil is made from another hydrocarbon, like natural gas, to make the oil. Semi-synthetic is a blend of the 2.

There is a more complicated answer that came from lawsuit between Castol and Mobil Oil but I won’t go into that here.

Yes, you can use synthetic oil in your CR-V. You can always use synthetic even if your car doesn’t require it (and I’d recommend it!) Some cars actually require synthetic oil OR specify oil grades that can ONLY be satisfied by synthetic oil. Like 0w20 or 0w40.

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You can use synthetic oil in your vehicle.

But if it doesn’t require it and costs more, it’s a waste of money.


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My dad’s 2007 CRV has had it’s oil changed with the Honda synthetic blend since new. Dealer has a really good price and it’s a quick stop in. Only driven about 5,000 miles a year so ours is serviced on time more than mileage.

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