2009 Honda Civic - third gear set needs repair

How to get 3rd gear set fixed no cost since it Honda fault had it repainted from paint recall the car a lemon

I have no idea what you are trying to ask . If this is a 2009 the warranty expired years ago so why would expect a free repair .

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A car that made it 10 years isn’t a lemon


go to a good independent transmission shop

no it’s not…it’s a 10 year old vehicle with an unknown number of miles (and who knows how well it was taken care of by the owner/owners) that’s a long way out of warranty

again…no it’s not

Ur right about the recall situation like I got that car right when it first hit the lot got hurt really bad when I was 15 got hit by drunk driver while i was crossing street and was In comma for 2 in half weeks brain steam shifted so many years to learn everything over again so used the rest of the money when i was 25 and used it all on that car plus complained since day one about transmission then car paint and took me for ever to get them to repaint it in 2012 then car got hit broke bracket on head that goes with dog bone mount then rebroke Honda said they get person insurance to fix it 2 months later they calmed to much torque with a factory motor ha ha nope then they stripped outb2 holes in head so they couldn’t get bracket back on head so I had to get car towed home then they try to leave me with a 4,700 dollar bill for something that they broke but another Honda shop new wat was goin on and how the other Honda shop screwed me so the other Honda shop has body checked out making sure it wasn’t warped then they put new timing chain fixed head new battery for 1,100 i am like awesome they so did me right and kept apologizing how the other Honda shop plus they billed the other Honda shop and etc then I kept transmission fluid changed every 25,000 miles then 3rd gear synchronizer went out then shifter fork broke got new transmission and just put it in today

It is wat it is I sent long message I thought I sent it to but I reckon I put it on my comments. But I put new transmission I got lucky dude built it then his dad ran into his car insurance totaled it out so I was able to test it before buying it then I dropped it and drove it 2 in a half hours back home put in today had to get new motor mount for the front and I suggest to anyone with 8th gen si update motor mounts because in my comment i was telling u how brace bolted to head to work with the dog mount and ended up costing me money because the damage it caused plus how Honda did me that’s in my comment that I comment to my post I has motor swap in car now K20Z3 long block.and has my other set up almost fully ready for a better swap but has to get 3 more gears or for 4th threw 6th first threw 3rd so far in my old transmission is rsx gears and we’re I live I has emissions but there quoting it next year we’re I live so I can swap to my k24a2 that I got for great price and motor had 32,000 the financed it but it’s paid for now with s2000 oil pump and I am goin to set rev limiter at 8,200 rpm to 8,000 already has z3 head with the k 24 cams don’t has to worry about header mine custom one for mine will work and wats bad my car running on 102 octane and the k24a2 will have lil more horse power on 93 octane plus double the torque and that’s wat i am looking love having a car that looks factory to u floor it right now i has stock muffler on it and how the car has gray strips down the side and gray ivtec decal I got it custom done in red and on wheel hubs black back round with red H in the middle of it but car only has 102,000 miles on the body

I got all the bugs worked out of the 09 si as u can see in my long messages wat all I went threw with it but gave it a look of it’s own with a Knight rider light in the grill we’re fsctor decals was gray I got red custom decals red ivtec and red strips on both sides were the factory gray strips once was then black back round on wheel ups with red H in the middle drew this idea up and got it done back 2011