2009 Ford Fusion: Compass No Response and Power locks

I am driving my family’s 2009 Ford Fusion.

When I start the car the dashboard reads “Compass No Response”. I want to get rid of that message.

Also when I push lock on the power locks every door locks except the driver door. I’m not sure if this is a feature of the car, but I wanted to know if it’s a feature or if there is a fix (to where it will lock every door).

I really appreciate any help.

I think you need to read the owner’s manual…these may be “features”.

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Look in your manual and it may say something like drive counter clockwise in a complete circle to reset compass. Did the lock problem just start ?

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The door lock issue is most likely due to a broken wire in the driver side door jamb. The car is at an age where that kind of thing happens. There may be a replaceable harness for that area.

The compass issue is resolved.

The door lock issue was here as soon as I started driving the car.

Sometimes the driver’s door locks itself. But rarely.

Is this something that will be easy to fix / can you elaborate more on how to fix the door lock?

There’s a rubber conduit that runs between the body and the car door.

All the wires for the drivers door electronics run thru this conduit.

Because the drivers door is the one that gets used the most, wires in this conduit can break from the constant flexing over time.


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Resolved how ?