2009 Ford Focus Brake Issue

Hey All,
I have a 2009 Ford Focus and have been having a problem with the brakes. When I hit the brakes at any speed there is a feeling of pulsing as I slow down. It is proportional to the speed I am going. It feels like there is an unevenness to the rotor or brake drum that makes one spot on either of those hit the brake pad/shoe more severely than the rest of the pad/shoe and thus I slow down more during that one spot. Maybe the best way to describe the feeling is like this: While the brake pedal is pressed down it feels like I am slowly pulsing the pedal even though the pedal is steadily pressed down. This pulsing feeling slows down as I slow down until I stop. Any ideas on what might cause this?

Sounds like warped rotors. Common causes are just that they have been used enough, heated up enough, so they are worn out. Or that an improper wheel install has taken place. Not following Ford’s recommended procedure for lug nut tightening, etc. Did you have new tires installed or the wheels rotated prior to noticing this?

Yup, warped brake rotors. If you have drum brakes in the back, then the front rotor or rotors in the front are the culprit(s).

If they’re front rotors, you may also feel it in the steering wheel.

Cool thanks guys. I bought the car used from a Honda dealer who put on those cheapo tires before I got it. Probably done then.