2009 Ford F-150 - Stability control oversensitive

I have a 2009 Ford F-150 and sometimes the stability control light comes on and reacts how it should when I’m in a skid, but in my case, this can happen even when turning into a parking lot that has only a slight elevation change. I took it to the dealership and they couldn’t get it to act up and told me since there’s no codes being thrown, they don’t have much to go off of. It’s inconsistent but sometimes can happen every time I take it on the road.
Is there anything I can do besides having them in the vehicle to witness it?

It should come on and cut power when there is any wheel spin.

Is it possible that your turn and elevation change when turning into the parking lot is letting one of the rear tires spin ? even just a little tiny bit ?

Also if your turn is sharp enough and you are giving it to much throttle, it can happen.

How often are you in a ’ skid ’ ? Maybe you are driving to fast or your tires have reached their traction limit . Even if the tread looks good they could be too hard because of age .