2009 Ford F-150 “flywheel” round in the dash

My truck has 125K miles on it. 2 problems. A noise emits from the dash off and on like a large knocking, like a flywheel going around and htting someting. One side gets cold air, the other side gets heat. WIERD! 2nd - bad rust on both back panels of the cab. Truck runs fine, all features work. Is it work fixing.

First problem, probably a blend door actuator…
Second problem, Financial decision, ignore and take the hit when you trade it in. Or have it professionally repaired and pay now. Body shop might be able to cut out the rust and weld in a patch or may replace each panel.

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My truck has 135k with a fist size rust hole in the rocker panel. Runs great, I don’t care about the rust. Well worth keeping, still a good truck.