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2008 Ford F-150 - Clicks

1.Battery fully charged.
2.Prior to [1] engine not turning over clicking noise turned off ignition & REMOVED KEY.
3. Sound [ fast clicking ] appears to come from under dash passenger side ???
Need Help with This…

Need to explain more fully and tell us more about your truck… like what engine, how many miles, when did this problem start, a what exactly is your problem. I can’t tell from your post.

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Sounds like a problem with the starter, no? The fast clicking without turning the engine over…?

I’d begin by checking the battery connections, ground, and connection to starter. If that checks out, have the starter tested.

Could be the HVAC actuator motor is going out.
Does heat/cold duct air work evenly?

PROBLEM SOLVED…Was a bad Relay took the time to tweek around the fuse area, so all seems well. {for now ]. Thanks for your inputs…