2009 Dodge Grand Caravan - Power actuator problems

Having trouble with my power windows,lights,door power locks and fobs on my 09 caravan

If you’re not yet familiar with the term Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) you will be. Google it. It’s a troublesome component on these vehicles.

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You can try resetting the TIPM. If your radio has an unlock code, make sure you know what it is before starting the procedure. Remove the battery cables from the battery. Connect the positive and negative cable ends together for an hour or two. Make sure they make good electrical contact with each other and that the cable ends don’t come in contact with the battery terminals. Then reconnect the cables to the battery.

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Before you remove battery cables and clamp them together, read this.


Welcome to the Chrysler TIPM!


Good advice above. Suggest to do a basic battery alternator diy’er check too. Before first start of the day battery should measure about 12.6 volts. Immediately after starting the engine, 13.5-15.5 volts.

The OP already has numerous electrical system failures. Note that Mopar vehicles are not on the list of known problems with disconnecting the battery.

That list shows known problems with batteries being disconnected.

As the article states, there’s no reference what-so-ever that lists which vehicles have problems with disconnecting the battery.

So just because the vehicle isn’t listed, doesn’t mean there won’t be problems disconnecting the battery.


Resetting the TIPM in this vintage Mopar is fairly common practice, and I’ve not heard of any problems other than the PCM needing to relearn various parameters.

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