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2005 Dodge Dakota - unexplained battery draw

My new battery in my 05 Dodge Dakota, V8, 4.7L will not keep charge to start. I’ve taken it to Dodge Dealership service, keeping it for two days and they are still unable to explain the draw on my battery.

Keeping it 2 days won’t do it. Thoughtful diagnostic procedures need to be done carefully. What have they done?

They did the draw test several times during the day and disconnected the new radio I recently had installed. The next day, it still wouldn’t start, so it was not the new radio and the mechanic did say the wiring to the radio was professional done (Best Buy tech). The only other thing I did mention to Dodge mechanics maybe the car alarm (factory installed) was doing the draw, but they didn’t think that was it because it doesn’t draw much when activated. I have no other idea what seems to be the problem. Now, I disconnect the battery every night when I return home and re-connect prior to leaving.

Your problem might be caused by a faulty Totally Integrated Power Module.


What is the “everything off” current draw amount they are measuring? Normal is in the 20-50 ma range.

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