2009 Dodge Caravan - Transmission issues

My reverse on my van will go forward but no reverse all the rest ot the gears run good

try going by feel verses looking at where it is suppose to be. go one click from the park position. if you now have reverse then your shifter needs to be adjusted.

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Manual or automatic?

Seriously ? The 2009 Dodge Caravan only came with a automatic transmission.


If automatic, besides checking the linkage, suggest to start with a proper trans service. Drop pan, replace filter, new fluid or whatever is appropriate for that configuration. If problem continues, post again.

This is much more likely to be a solenoid pack problem than a shift linkage problem. This is not the 3-speed “Torqueflite” transmission offered on the 4-cylinder and 3.0L V-6 models through the 2000 model year.

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The minivan forum at allpar.com specializes in these “Chrysler Corp.” vans. I have found help there for my 2007 T&C and my former 1999 Plymouth Voyager. Good luck and please let us know the outcome.