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'93 Dodge Caravan 3.0l transmission problem!

I have a '93 dodge caravan 3.0l. 3 speed automatic transmission. During a usual day of driving I was used my reverse gear a couple of times and then suddenly my reverse was gone the next time I needed it. All 3 forward gears work. And I didn’t even hear any noise or clunking sounds. I took off the fluid pan off and the fluids look normal just very small metal shavings nothing really big or out of the ordinary. So I want to find out what happened? Valve body related? Or reverse clutch related? Please let me know your comments or suggestions to fix this problem. Thanks

I think that transmission is the last Mopar transmission with band adjustments. I don’t know if it is too late to help but it is worth a try. I would look for a utube video or try Chilton’s online from your library.

Are you talking about the Dodge 727 transmission? Is this the kind I have?

The TorqueFlite 727 was for rear wheel drive applications, and found almost always behind larger V8s. Your Caravan should have the A670. It’s quite reliable. Certainly more so than the Ultradrive 4 speed that superseded it.

How many miles are on this vehicle and how often has it had it’s transmission fluid changed?

There’s a minivan forum at I’ve gotten lots of help with my Plymouth and Chrysler minivans at that forum. Good luck and please keep us informed.

The dodge caravan has 120,000 miles on it. It’s a V6 3.0 liter. FWD. 3 speed automatic transmission.

The service data I’m seeing references a 3-speed 41TE transaxle for a 93 fwd 3L caravan, if that’s of any help. It uses a transmission control module for shifting gears, so that’s one potential culprit. 4 electric selenoids, and 3 pressure switches, all could fail. There’s a transmission control relay too, so that’s something to check. The TCM is able to learn how much pressure is needed for the clutches, which are hydraulically activated. No mentions of bands, but it seems like it has to have a couple.

I have been doing some googling and figured out I have an A670 tranny thanks to FoDaddy. And I think I have narrowed my no reverse problem down to being my reverse band being broken or my rear band selenoid seal. Let me know your guys suggestions! Thanks for the help!

The transmission you have described is the 4-speed automatic, which was optional on the 3.0L V-6 and mandatory on the 3.3/3.8L V-6 engines. The OP has the 3-speed automatic, which is NOT computer controlled, and does NOT contain a solenoid pack. There are band adjustments, and the owner’s manual recommends to have the transmission checked and adjusted every 100,000 miles.

I used to own a 1995 Caravan with the 3.0L engine, and 3-speed automatic, and it was rock-solid reliable. I got over 200,000 trouble-free miles out of it, but its life came to an end in an accident which was not my fault. I then bought a used 1995 Caravan, again with the 3-speed automatic, but this one has the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine, and it has had a lot of engine problems, no doubt due to poor maintenance in the past. The transmission has been trouble-free, though, and shifts very smoothly. When I changed the fluid and filter there were hardly any wear particles, just some viscous material around the magnets.

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No bands, a low/reverse clutch and a direct clutch

31TH transmission, the reverse servo piston seals have failed, the remedy is a rebuild.

There seems to be some ambiguity which transmission is installed in OP’s Caravan. Is there an ID tag somewhere in the car or on the transmission the OP could look at to verity which one it is?

OK, I’m also seeing a reference to a A670, 31TH for this vehicle also. The service data is ambiguous however, and in the “general information” section says it is the 41TE for the 93 Caravan 3L. Unclear service data, who wudda thunk it? … lol …

If it is indeed the 31TH non-computerized 3-speed, probably similar to my truck’s C4 in configuration. If reverse stopped working but the 3 forward gears were normal first I’d replace the fluid and filter, next I’d adjust the reverse band as the first steps towards a diagnosis. I doubt that will work, but doesn’t take much cost or effort and might provide some clues. It appears from the posts above the transmission is gonna have to come out most likely. after which all will be made clear.

Reminds me, the service data for my Corolla says the way the rear drums are automatically adjusted is by braking while moving backward; but that’s not the way they adjust. The self-adjustment is done by the driver applying the parking brake.

Would a digit or letter in the VIN disclose this basic fact?

The OP stated that this Caravan has the 3.0 L with 3 speed auto, that was a common configuration in the early 1990’s.