2009 Corvette

Can anyone address the following issue with a 2009 Vette w/ 45,000 miles?

For the first time we have noticed that the “little oil can” on the HUD (Heads Up Display) on the windshield appears to be illuminated, however, oil pressure on the normal dash display seems to be okay and we don’t have any of the warnings “check your gauges”.

Are we mistaken about the illumination or is there a problem we need to be aware of?

Have you checked the oil level?


Oil level is good, just had oil changed at dealer 1,000 miles back with Mobil 1.

Then the problem might be with a faulty oil level sensor.



The oil can indicates that the oil pressure gauge is displayed, press the “Page” button to select a different gauge to be displayed.

But did you,. yourself check the oil level. Or are you relying on the fact that the dealer just did an oil change…so the level MUST be good???

Leaks appear at any time .Even right after an oil change.



Nevada_545 is right except I think you need to press “Mode”, not “Page” button. You are displaying what is referred to as “Track Mode 1” - see Page 3-21 of your owners manual.