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2009 Chevy AWD Equinox 3.4L v6 - Maintenance Schedule

I’ve reached the 100k mile maintenance schedule and there seems to be a few things missing from the car manual!

I have an AWD 2009 Chevy Equinox, and the maintenance schedule calls for having the transmission fluid exchanged. I had this done, but the manual does not say anything about the differential and transfer case.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure if these are part of the transmission or if they are separate components. Should the oil be changed in the differential and transfer case? Or is that part of the transmission oil change? Or are these “no maintenance” parts designed to out live the car itself?

I’ve dropped a lot of money recently on maintenance and while I’m spending, I want to make sure I’ve gotten everything done I should. . .I don’t need a surprise in 6 months. …“well, if you had changed your transfer case oil, you wouldn’t need a new transmission. . .” scenario.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. New Tires
  2. New brakes (front and rear), turned rotors
  3. Brake fluid flush/fill
  4. Transmission fluid and filter exchange (not flushed)
  5. Alignment
  6. New plugs
  7. Engine air filter replaced
  8. Passenger air filter replaced
  9. Wipers (trivial, but since I’m compiling a list. . .)

Am I missing some basic maintenance?

What does the book say? The only thing I see missing is the antifreeze flush and fill and serpentine belt. Is the battery original? If so time to go. The transfer case is mentioned as needing fluid replacement.

theres lots of other things for inspection like exhaust suspension ect. as far as transfer case and differentials alldata says transfer case @100,000 miles and nothing about differentials it wouldnt hurt to do it once though thats my opinion anyways

knfenimore: That’s the problem. In chapter 5, the owner’s manual has an AWD section and it talks about the transfer case. For proper maintenance on the transfer case, the manual refers me to the maintenance schedule in chapter 6. When I go to chapter 6, the maintenance schedule doesn’t mention the transfer case. The manual is completely silent on a differential.

Thanks for the other tips. Especially about the battery!

Call the dealer and ask about fluid flush in the transfer case.