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2009 CAMRY XLE - No Air in the central vents

There is NO AIR coming from the central vents (the ones right above the CD player). There is air from the side vents (driver and passenger) side and also onto the windshield.

When I start the car the HVAC does not come on for upto 2 minutes. During this time the LCD Panel for the HVAC is blank. The LED light on the AIR RECIRC is blinking during this time. After about 2 minutes - the LCD Panel shows the FAN SPEED at ZERO. When I increase the FAN SPEED the TEMP always starts at 75 degrees and the AC is on. But there is NO AIR in the central vents.

Things attempted so far:
b) The dealer’s service department diagnosed this as AC Ampl. But changing this did not help.

So I am trying to figure out what needs to be done.

There are four damper servo motors for the dash vents.

There’s the air inlet, vent, drivers side, and the passenger side.

The vent servo motor is the one that controls the center vents. So I would think there’s a problem vent servo motor.


If the control head is not working you need to start with it first, it controls the rest of the system. Once the control head is working, I am willing to bet the mode doors will start operating properly. There may also be a T.S.B for this issue. I will check in the morning.

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