2009 Acura MDX - Winds

My car makes a high pitched winding noise as I accelerate and it winds down as I slow down. This isn’t a consistent noise but seems to happen more when it’s warm outside or the car has been running for awhile.

Of course check power steering fluid, it might be time for a new serpentine belt, Could be a bad tensioner, so many options, proper diagnosis for a proper cure.

could also be the alternator. They sometimes start to whine or moan when they’re getting ready to expire.

Or it could be electrical interference from the ignition system being picked up by the audio system. Make sure it’s turned off and see if the noise is still there.

But like @Barkydog said, there’s a lot of things it could be, some worse than others. If you aren’t experienced with diagnosis, you should take it to a pro.

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