2009 Acura MDX shock replacement

Clunking noise, rough ride over road bumps and small pot holes; All shocks changed on Acura good will recall 2016, problem reappearing 14 months later, very bad at the moment, dealer says all 4 shocks are shot, $5200.00 repair. Acura/Honda customer service says vehicle too old for support service, willing to allow $700.00 towards another vehicle . Please help /advice. Thanks

You obviously have the electronic ride control shocks because standard ones wold not cost $5200. First, I would argue with the dealer about replacement shocks that only lasted 2 years that they now want to charge you $5200 to replace. Push it to the Honda zone representative as well.

If you don’t get anywhere with Honda, take it to a good independent mechanic and tell them to replace the electronic shocks with the standard ones and then either ignore the “service suspension” message or have the mechanic put a 1 ohm, 10 watt resistor across all 4 shock connectors to turn off the message.

All 4 can be purchased for about $400. Installation should be less than $500.