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2009 Accord - Starting

Turned the ignition key on my 2009 4dr Accord 4 cyl EX to Accessory a couple of weeks ago and was listening to the radio as i did a couple of last minute items in the yard. It may have been 15-20 minutes, when i got to the car, the car wouldn’t start due to lack of electricity; charged the battery and then everything was fine.

About a week later, was filling the car up with gas, and left the key in ACC position; yep, when i went to start the car 5 (?) min later, no luck; tried a second time, no luck; tried a third time, but pressed the accelerator this time and it started right up.

So i am wondering if the drained battery is not the story or not the full story; is there a reason pressing the gas pedal would help a drained battery?


More detail on gas session please. Car would not start. Does that mean it would not crank or it cranked fine but would not start/run? So u pressed gas pedal and it tag cranked?

Next time this happens turn on the interior lights.
Do they go very dim or off when trying to crank?
If so then it’s the battery or the connections to it.
If the lights stay bright then it’s probably the ignition switch or the starter.

@mahoney99 if your car was built in 2008, your battery’s already over 4 years old.
I would seriously consider getting it tested and/or replaced.
My brother’s 4 year old battery behaved the same way. The ignition was on for about 20 minutes while stuff was being loaded/unloaded. It wouldn’t restart. When we finally got the car to my garage, I tested the battery with my microvat. It failed miserably. It had never given any warning signs before failing. Needless to say, I replaced that battery the same day.

Plan A :
First, CheckTest The Battery As Has Been Suggested. If A Replacement Is Called For Then The Problem Should Be Resolved.

Plan B:
John, On The Instrument Cluster Is A “Key” Symbol. Do You Know If, When The Key Was Turned To “LOCK” After The Engine Failed To Start, The Key Symbol (Imobilizer Indicator) Flashed 10 Times ?

If you answer “Yes,” then there could be a problem with the car’s immobilizer system.

Also, when the key is turned from LOCK to ON that key smbol should should light for 2 seconds and go out and when turned back to LOCK it should not come on, again.

All 2009 Pilots and 2008 - 2009 Accords have a Type 7 GEN5 immobilizer system that can disable the the vehicle as a means of theft prevention. As with any theft preventers, a malfunction within that system can disable the vehicle although everything else is working.