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2014 Passat S 1.8 5MT - Warm Engine Rattling/Clacking at idle (PLEASE HELP)

This noise starts only after the engine has warmed up, and not when cold…There is no performance loss, no vibrations - just a loud diesel-like rattling and clacking that’s noticeable at idle when stopped. The noise almost disappears if you barely hold the accelerator to keep revs around 1000 RPMs at a stop. Every once in a great while, I’ll notice the noise completely disappears for about 30 secs. before coming right back again. I’ve had this noise for quite a while because repairs are too costly for now. Researching this problem online tells me it could be so many different things!!

To help eliminate some possible causes:

  • The transmission and clutch are fairly new replaced by VW under warranty
  • The Timing chain tensioner was replaced recently (which was done supposedly to fix this problem)

The last half of the video clip is from the mechanic who “fixed” my chain tensioner a few months ago. When i paid him the $1200 for the repair - I was given a hand written receipt, a copy of that video, and an explanation that it was the cam something or another. All I understood is the part when he said it will be expensive. After paying for a repair that had no effect at all to the noise (except that it has gotten a little louder as time goes on) I kind of lost faith (whether his fault or not) in this guy and hence his explanation wasn’t going to matter to me at the time.

If anyone can help me figure this out please, it will be greatly appreciated!

a small clip of the noise from the engine bay:​​​​

A simple valve adjustment is probably what you need.

It sounds like one of the timing chains is rubbing.



The chain, guides and tensioner should have been replaced.