2008 Toyota Yaris - Transmission issue

when driving it goes to neutral.i have changed the actuator , clutch but the same complain

Bear in mind I am not a mechanic but it sounds like an internal transmission problem. You need to have a good independent transmission shop look at it.

Don’t see any need to keep saying that you are not a mechanic . Even non-mechanics here can offer advice . Actually someone might see the disclaimer part of a post and just ignore what might be of some help .

But did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express lately? :grin:

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Make sure clutch hydraulic reservoir is filled. If it is, my guess is a problem with the cables between the shift lever and the transmission.

I happen to think new posters deserve to know that I’m far from an expert and that I’m frequently “guessing,” as you yourself have pointed out on multiple occasions. If a poster chooses to ignore my advice based on that, it’s his/her prerogative. I do note that both of you have managed to make this thread about my posting habits rather than trying to help the OP. However, if others are annoyed by my honesty, I’ll stop being quite so forthright. I hope that will be satisfactory.
P.S. I can’t recall staying in a Holiday Inn Express but then my wife and I don’t travel much.

IMHO a linkage issue is unlikely since the clutch has been replaced and therefore the transmission dropped and reinstalled but the problem existed both before and after the clutch replacement.