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Manual Transmision 3rd Gear grind!

Hello all:

I am new to driving a stick shift and I am finally getting the hang of it! I bought a used yaris, a 2007. As I was new to driving a stick and the car is older, I evetually had to get a new clutch. I have been driving around with a new clutch for about a week now. And all was fine until…

I noticed tonight that I am hearing a grinding noise when I shift from 2nd to 3rd gear. I thought maybe I wasnt pressing down on the clutch hard enough or I wasn’t shifting right.

Could I have messed up my new cluch in a week? Any ideas what it could be?

The clutch might not be totally disengaging, which keeps the input shaft turning when the clutch pedal is pushed in, and the gears inside the transmission could be interfering a little during the shift making a metal on metal noise. I sometimes hear a little of that when downshifting from 4th to 3rd on my Corolla but hardly ever when upshifting. There’s something called clutch pedal free-play adjustment, ask you shop about it, that’s probably where to start. Hopefully it’s just a niggle.

Clutches are hydraulic, so might need to bleed system, as I recall from Toy’s I’ve owned there’s a transfer Cylinder located near the drivers seat underneath, might need to replace…

Sounds like a worn 3rd gear synchronizer. You can try shifting more quickly or slowly and see if that helps, and/or rev higher in 2nd gear and skip 3rd on level or downhill roads.

Changing the transmission oil is also a good idea.

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I’m with @insightful on this one

My advice . . . depress the clutch pedal, shift out of 2nd, wait a bit before shifting into 3rd. I think you’ll find it doesn’t grind, if you use that approach

I drove a car like this for years

Please clarify. And also please tell us how you learned to drive stick

Hello all! Thank you for all the advice! So, someone asked me where I
learned to drive. My fiance taught me. He’s been driving a stick for
years. He learnes in the army.

Two things, the vehicle is 10 years old and may have had more shifting learners besides you, has the person who taught you manual shifting driven the car and had the same problem.

I frequently skip 3rd gear in my Kia and always skip 5th gear on the highway. When I exceed 50mph I just go from 4th to 6th.

Offhand, this usually points to a sychronizer assembly problem. You should check, or have checked, the clutch pedal free play and engagement points first.

There’s also the possibility this could be an exhaust heat shield noise which can come across as a grinding noise. Since the trans was out and the exhaust dropped this is always a possibility.

From your post I gather you’ve been driving the stick for sometime before even having the clutch replaced due to the word “eventually”. I take this to mean you just didn’t start with a stick a few weeks ago.

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