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2008 Toyota Yaris - Odd electrical issue

On going problem with the battery dashboard light. Light comes on intermittently. By the time the mechanic looks at it the battery light is off, battery is good, alternator is good as indicated by their equipment. Taken in many times they say it could be the sensor.

I was driving and light stayed on, believing mechanic it could be a sensor, disregarded the battery light. After light had been on at least an hour, power steering became sluggish, dashboard light for brakes and ABS came on. Power steering was not powered any longer. I stopped for a traffic light, when I had the right of way, i accelerated and the engine spit and sputtered, back fired repeatedly. I found a safe space to leave the car. By that time my dashboard was not indicating speed, tachometer reading, all lights previously on were off.

Next morning before i had it towed, i got in, the door ajar light was lit on the dash. I turned the key and the engine started no problem.

Different garage had me leave it there for days, their diagnosis is a bad alternator. Does thus sound accurate?

Yes, I agree the alternator is at fault.