Dash indicator lights

the battery indicator light has been coming on and off over the last 6 - 9 months, sometimes stays on for weeks then goes off for weeks. Today the airbag light also came on then went off again. What the heck?

What tests have you or your mechanic done in response to the battery indicator light?
What were the results of those tests?

No tests yet - plan on making appt but would like to know what to ask mechanic to check and what to anticipate could be the problem. Could it be something loose that is making the light go on and off? I am not inclined to go to the Toyota dealer because that often results in the standard fee to check out the electronics to see what the problem is then an additional larger fee to fix it.

The battery indicator light is a warning that the charging system isn’t working like it should. Make sure the alternator belt is snug and the connections to the alternator are ok and making good connection. You may have to replace the alternator as it may have bad brushes or something else going bad inside it.

No matter where you take the car, I would suggest that you not delay any longer. In the 9 months that this problem has existed, it did not get any better and the deferred repairs may now be more extensive than they would have been if they were done on a timely basis. Being stranded during the winter is not a good thing, and that could be the result if the problem is not diagnosed and repaired a.s.a.p.

I agree with Cougar that this could be symptomatic of bad brushes in the alternator. This does not usually happen until a car is fairly old, but then again, you did not tell us the model year of this car.

Thanks for the info. I made an appt for next week.

Mine too! I had my mechanic check the charging system, and he said it’s completely normal. It seems to happen only when it’s cold and wet outside. I’m suggesting the thing to do is live with it. It’s been this way for 50K now, so it doesn’t seem to be harming the car.