2008 Toyota Tundra 4WD Truck - Problems starting

I turn the key to start it nothing happens but 1 click down around starter all lights everything works on dash but won’t start


Hit the starter with something like the end of the handle of a hammer, if not too hard, regular hammer, but remember, you are just trying to jar the brushes NOT break/damage the starter… be careful to not let anything metal (hammer lol) touch the battery cable post on the starter and ground it out…

1st, make sure you have 12+ volts at the battery, try jump starting the vehicle…
make sure your cables are tight with no corrosion…

Let of know what happens…

Battery not too old and fully charged?
Battery connections clean and tight?
Have you tried starting it in neutral?


One thing is certain: The starter motor won’t crank the engine unless the input-power voltages are to spec at both starter motor terminals. Ask your shop do that measurement , then post the results here.

If you just want the problem fixed, and don’t want to bother with more measurements, 70% chance I’d guess you’ll fix it by replacing both the battery and starter motor.

Do you hear a click when you turn the key? The click isn’t loud and you may need to have someone else listen at the front of the car with the hood open.