Tundra Intermittent Starting problem

2006 Toyota tundra starting problem only intermittently, id say about half the time recently it does this. Ill go to crank my truck, turn the key over and it makes a loud CLICK/thud under the hood. Lights go dim, clock shuts off etc. Turn the key off and back on, CLICK. I have to repeat this 3-4 times before starting sometimes. And once or twice the starter would turn over for 3-4 seconds before finally firing up. Ive check the battery and alternator at the local auto zone and a local dealership, both checked out fine. The starter is under the intake manifold. I have checked grounds/connections etc but dont see problem… Any ideas!?


The fact that the lights go dim mean the ignition switch is working

The fact that the there is a “loud CLICK/thud under the hood” means battery voltage is reaching the starter

The fact that it eventually starts without jumping means the battery is sufficiently charged

Sounds like you’re going to be taking that intake off!

YUP! I believe ive narrowed it down to the connectors in the starter. Think they are either dirty or maybe even pitted, not allowing the plunger to make a decent connection. Looks like there is only one way to find out, at least the rebuild kit is only 15$!


In my opinion, if you’re going to remove the intake manifold, you might as well replace the starter.

Removing the manifold is a fair amount of work.

I’d hate for you do remove it, replace the contacts, only to have to replace the whole starter 6 months later.

Better to do it now and get it over with.

FWIW I’ve seen those contact kits online.