Starter solenoid is my problem i think. what do you think?


problem started this morning. Plenty of charge to system, but when i turn key nothing happends. no clicks, shut down of power or anything. After some random amount of key turns truck starts fine.(2001 toyota tundra v8 limited). I dont know if the onset of the rainy season would have anything to do with this. Could it be ignition switch?


Usually with the starter solenoid it’s the contacts that go and you can hear a clicking when you try to start it. The solenoid usually slides, but the contacts in the Bendix assembly are usually fried so the starter motor doesn’t spin. Since you can’t hear any noise at all, I’d be more inclined to suspect the relay or perhaps a corroded battery cable connection.


Guess what?! IF you want to find the problem, you’ll do a little testing with a digital voltmeter (Walmart: $25), or, at least (not really a best choice) a test light. Disconnect the little wire from the starter solenoid. Have an assistant turn, and HOLD, the ignition key at START. Using your tester, touch the ternminal of the little wire with the positive probe, and touch the engine with the other probe. There should be 12 volts, or the test light should come on bright. If neither, you’ll have to check the circuit before, and after, the ignition switch. When testing, be sure to hold the ignition to START.// Or, you could just change some parts; but, which one, first?


Click on this web site for the wiring diagram for the start circuit: for User ID = user. For Password = password. Click Login. Scroll to bottom of page and click on: Auto Repair Reference Center. Select: year, make, model, engine type. Select Wiring Diagrams. Select Starting Circuit, Behold! There is a little Surprise: there is a 5 amp fuse between the ignition switch and the starter solenoid. The neutral safety switch is AFTER the starter solenoid, and, then, the circuit goes to ground. Toyota has mixed things up a bit.


does your key have a chip?if its bent slightly,your car will not start!!the lights and bells will work.but your car will not crank.just check if your key is may have to buy a new one or just straighten it out!! good luck.