2008 Toyota Solara - AC issue

When a drive my car in town where I am going slow (25 mph etc) it makes a wiring sound only when the air conditioner is running yet the air works to keep the car cool.
I was told to put it on a machine to check it out would be around $1500. to $1800.
Is this true?

What kind of machine? I can’t think of any machine a mechanic would use that would cost $1500 to test a car. Are you sure it wasn’t $150??

And what is a “wiring sound”? Maybe you mean whirring?

Who told you that ?

Yes it is a whiring sound. They said in order to find out if it is an air conditioning hose they have to put it under pressure to see if there is a leak in the hose and replace the hose and put coolant in it which would be atleast $1500. To $1800.

But they charged me $42.00 for putting a dimming light bulb in and I went after the bulb and paid for it. I thought that was a bit exorbant!

If you mean the light in the dash that shows if your high beams are on that is a reasonable charge.
If this shop is not a actual air conditioner shop then go to another one .

Don’t bring your vehicle back there again.

The AC system is already under pressure.

All that needs to be done is take a refrigerant sniffer to locate any leaks.

And if you were to bring your vehicle to my shop, I wouldn’t charge anything.


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No it was the dim headlight.