2007 mazda3 air compressor?

when i run the a/c it starts to make a noise and begins to leak fluilds is it the air compressor ?if so how hard is it to replce and what might the cost be??thank for any help

The compressor parts cost is around $500-$600 probably, and doesn’t take much time to replace, maybe an hour. So you’re looking at $700 or so. Maybe a little more for the evacuation and recharging.

thank you i do appreciate the responds

No problem, glad to help.

Leak fluids? Where? What kind of fluids?

If the compressor is making noise, there’s probably debris being sent throughout the AC system.

When this happens, the entire AC system must be disassembled, components flushed out/replaced before the system can be put back into service.

The components that will require replacement are, the compressor, receiver/drier, expansion valve, and maybe the condenser.

So, you’re looking more along the line of $1200-$1400 for repairs.


Once again Mr. Tester gives an accurate response as opposed to someone’s off the wall guess.

The noise is coming from the engine compartment? Or from in the dash? Same question for the fluids.

engine compartment

i can see the compressor rattle when a/c is turned on

@Tester has the right idea. A good independent a/c shop would be the place I’d take it.