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2008 toyota seinna o2 sensor?

Is it common to have to replace a 2008 toytoa seinna oxygen sensor with 38k miles??

I heard onece you replace on the others o2 sensor go?

the dealership also said the 02 sensor it linked to the VSC vehilce stalibilty control??


I heard onece you replaceONE the others o2 sensor go or give you problems

Not usually. Unless it was a bad part or something contaminated the O2 sensor. O2 sensors are only warranted for 2 years/24,000 miles on OBDII vehicles or those built after 1996.

Does it effect the VSC system? Indirectly yes. If the Check Engine light is on because of a bad O2 sensor, the VSC system won’t function because part of the VSC system uses the engine management system. So until the engine management system is operating correctly, the VSC won’t function.