2002 Jetta 1.8 GLS Turbo O2 Sensor



My auto has low miles, less than 49K. I took into the local dealer for another service and they mentioned that the O2 sensor needs replacing (did not specify if front or rear sensor). My question is this: Shouldn’t an O2 sensor last longer than 49K miles? I was online looking for the part and the Bosch recommended replacement is every 100,000 miles. Is that correct?


That seems pretty long for an O2 sensor. All the ones I’ve seen recommend replacement betwen 30K and 50K. Besides, that’s the replacement interval for the Bosch part, and not necessarily the one that comes installed in the car.

What was the reason for your visit to the dealer? Do you have a check engine light or some other operational concern? Being that the car is six years old, it could well be out of warranty, and if that’s the case there’s no need to go to a dealer simply for routine maintenance. Good independent mechanics do just as good a job, and often cost a whole lot less $$.

And how did they arrive at a diagnosis of a bad O2 sensor anyways? If they read a code that has to do with the sensor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the sensor is bad. Something else could be out of wack, and the sensor is merely what’s detecting it.


Forget about changing oxygen sensors as a scheduled maintenance item. Their failure period will go a LOT longer.

For a “capable” mechanic, it’s a p.o.c. (piece of cake) to look at the oxygen sensor, with a scan tool, and determine its condition from its response.
You need a decent, honest, independent mechanic/shop. Short of a polygraph test, the best way of finding one would be to ask around.


Do 02 sensors fall under a special emissions related equipment warranty? Such as cats do. I have been told on this forum cats are 8yrs 80,000 miles by federal law.