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Macpherson Struts

Had to replace right front strut in 2006 (both of course) at 40K miles. Same one needs replacement at 74K. Is this normal for a car that’s maintained well; e.g., tires balanced twice/yr. & alignments; no offroad driving or excessive speed bump encounters? Could there be some manufacuturer’s defect that’s causing this?

Thanks! (it’s 4 cylinder automatic)

That’s kind of unusual, but we have gotten several strut questions on Camrys. How do you know it needs replacement?

My mechanic, who I trust implicitly, said the right one was leaking. He was baffled & has been working on Toyotas for years.

This is highly unusual, but I’m unable to suggest a cause other than simple statistics. Sometimes stuff just happens, despite the odds against it.

What brand is the replacement strut? From Toyota or other?

At 74K I would replace the front left too.

Yes, this is a known problem with 2006 Camrys.
How do I know this?
Because there have been three posts just today regarding a bad right front strut on a 2006 Camry!

What is really strange is that the odometer mileage on all three posts matches exactly.
Clearly, this is an example of planned obsolescence!


My idea is that a strut should not be comdememded due to a small amount of leakage, was there any other symptom coupled with the leakage condition? Now if there is an obvious amount of fresh oil (with no dust on it) well that’s a leak.

So the idea presented here is premature condemnation of the strut.

I would too. I don’t believe I have ever replaced just one strut or shock and I have been driving for over 45 years.

You don’t hit a lot of curbs while parking do you? I’m only half way kidding. Think about where you drive and what the surfaces are like.