2008 Toyota Avalon - boot repair question

HI, I have a 2008 Avalon which I take in for regular maintenance. I took it in for a smog check and when I got it back they told me that it had cracks in the:
torque mount, lower control arm, rack & pinion and the passenger side boot
Since I was told that the boot was leaking I took it back in to be fixed. Then they tell me that it needs both boots and the axel assembly replaced… The car has never been in an accident, did they drop it off the hydraulic lift? How do I prove that?

The car is 12 years old.

It’s very possible that the rack and pinion is leaking.

As far as the axle?

Replace it when the CV-joint starts making clicking noises when making turns.


Boots can get torn just by driving over the wrong road debris. It doesn’t surprise me at all that they’d tell you to replace the whole CV axle - it’s often much cheaper because they get the part pre-assembled and just schlunk it in there. Otherwise you have to pay them to take the bad boot(s) off of your axle and then remove the CV joints, and then put new CV joints on, and then put new boots on, and grease them. The labor you pay to have them do that can exceed the extra money you pay to get all new parts.

Yep, not uncommon, I’d wait until the axle started making clicking sounds, typically as you go around a corner. How much longer do you plan to keep it?


My last Avalon lasted 250K with no problems. I only needed to replace the belt and water pump and it ran until it got hit… :frowning:

I was hoping that this Avalon would hold up just as well…

I would get a second opinion and have them show me the car when it’s up on a lift. A little tear with a little leakage in a CV boot is not a good thing, but the car may go for a long time and many miles before the innards start making noises. It might never get that bad. Turning and accelerating are when you’d hear it - kind of a muffled crackling sound is one way I’ve heard it described.

Very unlikely this would be caused by it being dropped.

I presume your shop is saying there’s a cracked engine mount, cracks in a lower control arm bushing, a leak from the r&P, and the passenger side CV boot is torn. Those are all things that need to be addressed eventually. How urgent any of them are, can’t tell via your internet description. I’d suggest the first priority is to replace the CV boot (or the entire half shaft), whichever method makes the most sense. I’m guessing you drive somewhat aggressively, given the items that are showing signs of wear. In that case good idea to have both front & rear brakes checked while you are at it.

If its just a little tear, I would put a blob of black RTV sealant on it.Make sure the sealant is completely cured before driving your car…about 12 hours.It worked for me and lasted for years.

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