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2008 Suzuki SX4

Does anyone have anything positive or negative to say about a 2008 Suzuki SX4 ?

I have a 2007 SX4 Hatchback AWD, and I love mine. It’s a fun little car, and yes, the AWD does come in handy from time to time.

When I bought mine used, a couple years ago, it had about 144k on it, and as happens with any car of that age and with that kind of mileage, a certain amount of maintenance is expected to turn up. So, I’ve had to do the breaks, and the rear O2 sensor is giving out (fortunately, it’s the one that doesn’t have much bearing on the overall fuel mileage, but yeah… replacing it is a $400 job, apparently).

Having said that, would I buy it again? In a heartbeat. I did a LOT of research before committing to this vehicle, and based on comments from the SX4 users forum, basically, everyone who’s ever owned one loved it, just like I love mine.

The only real drawback… for a compact, 4 cylinder car, it could get a little better mileage. I get about 22 or 23 around town, and about 29 on the highway, depending upon if it’s uphill or downhill.

If you’re getting the sedan model, I can’t give you any advice, although I think they’re pretty similar, overall.

It’s just me (in other words, no kids or adults to schlep around), and for one person, it’s perfect.

Hope that helps.

Oh yeah, FWIW… it was also a “recommended” model by a certain consumer magazine that is known for, uh, “reporting” on issues like used cars and stuff…

They were a fun vehicle and reasonably reliable. I worked overseas and it was very popular there.

Unfortunately, Suzuki cars are no longer sold and you will be buying an orphan with hard to get parts and service.

That’s true what Docnick said. I think the last year they sold them here in the U.S. was 2013.

Having said that, it’s NOT been a problem getting parts. I was recently in an accident (not my fault) and they had to replace the hood. Not sure if they had to get it from Japan or not, but no problem… only took a week to get the parts.

Maybe in the future… it will become more of a problem. If I won the Lottery today, I would be in market for 2012 or 2013 SX4. I love mine so much :slight_smile:

Thank you for the comments. I had thought that Suzuki had been discontinued here, but was not sure my recall was accurate. Fun, reasonably reliable and beloved are positives. The love-of-my-life vehicle (Endeavor) has been discontinued, also. Wassup with that?

In terms of the US marketplace, Mitsubishi currently has one foot in the grave, and the other foot is on a banana peel. Their very limited product offerings in the US are all desperately outdated, and are all ranked dead-last in their size category.

Mitsu’s sales figures in the US are…not good…at this point. Unless Mitsubishi can bring new and competitive vehicles to the US marketplace, they will be joining Suzuki on the scrap heap–and several automotive journalists have already predicted this.

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Well, you can interpret this reality any way that you wish, but you should consider the fact that this car was actually developed by Fiat–in concert with Suzuki–and is just as much “Fiat quality” as it is Japanese quality.

I did not know that. I’m so frustrated with this used-car thing, I am considering doing a bad financial thing and buying a new Mitsu. How are they outdated?

Buying a Mitsubishi is not a good idea. They are loosing dealers. have dropping sales volume and if they are in the US market in two years it will be a surprise.

Yikes. Thanks.

They’re not competitive

And I mean that in literally EVERY way

It’s like buying yesterday’s newspaper or day-old bread :frowning2:

And if you don’t believe me, you can read reviews about the current Mitsubishis in automotive magazines. What they have to say isn’t very kind, either

If you want a comparison to computer technology, buying a Mitsubishi at this point would be like buying a new computer that uses the Windows XP system. Technology advances–and usually improves things for consumers–but when a company is cash-starved and fails to come up with new products, those products utilize older technologies that are no longer considered to be good.

As db4690 stated, buying a new Mitsubishi at this point would be like buying day-old bread. Why would you do that when you can buy fresh stuff for only a few pennies more?

I really think that you should buy a copy of the Consumer Reports Used Car Buyers Guide, which is available at Barnes & Noble, and some other large news stands. This publication will give you ALL of the information you need to compare models, to see what used models are recommended in each price range, historical reliability data, and…more.