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2008 Subaru Tribeca - Headlight out

Has anyone had problems with the headlights burning out prematurely? The passenger side bulb burns out about every month or so.

Silly question, are you touching the glass portion of the bulb with your bare hands?

Any condensation inside the headlight assembly?

Ed B.

Has this problem started recently, or have you been replacing those bulbs every month or so for the past 12 years?

This is my Son’s vehicle and I don’t remember for sure when he bought it, but it was not new. I would say it has probably been for the last 2 to 3 years. He doesn’t always replace the bulb right away, he will just drive it with one low
beam light. It is always the low beam and always on the passenger side.


Not that I know of.


do you know what bulb, by chance? I have been going thru an official truck-ton of 9007’s lately. Not sure why yet, and i’ve even tried using different manufacturers…

on that note, next time he does change it, be sure to check the wire plug the bulb plugs into. If they get a little fried, it can make for a poor connection, and you can end up replacing a good bulb when the wire harness is the actual issue. the end of the wires (inside the connector and out,) should not look burnt at all.

Sometimes a parts vendor will get a supply of bad bulbs. All the bulbs in the box are faulty. Next time it happens try buying the replacement bulb from a different vendor.

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