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Headlights keep burning out

my 2005 SUbaru Legacy keeps burning out headlights…maybe 6-7x in past 2 years. HAd mechanic check electrical system, all AOK, had new lights put in and 2 days later right one is out. Whats up with this? Car is great otherwise

How are you grabbing the bulb when you put them in?

Make sure you are not touching the glass of the bulbs when you insert them. Fingerprints will cause a halogen bulb to burn out prematurely.

Are you using Subaru lights or WalMart specials? Bulbs are spec’ed differently for different retailers. For some cars it doesn’t seem to make too much of a difference but on foreign cars the OEM spec (what you get from the dealer) seems to last quite a bit longer.

are you substituting a higher voltage light than is standard (typically 55 volt and wiring is designed for this). Putting in non standard headlights can do some damage to wiring if you are not careful…I have seen some guys set them on fire and melt the harness.

Ask your mechanic if he checked for AC voltage in the charging system also besides the DC.

  • Over voltage
  • Water getting on lamp
  • Vibration
  • oil or dirt on lamp from install.
  • High output lamp (some are low life)

* Water getting on lamp

Check to make sure the headlight seals are good, and installed properly. This would be the simplest answer for the problem.